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Some Implications of a Life Estate

The Facts: My father has decided to gift his house to me and my brother and to retain a life estate for himself. This is part of his Medicaid planning. The Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of making this transfer? The Answer: The advantages of putting the house in your names now is […]

Here’s to the Older Americans in my LIfe….

May is Older Americans Month.  Since 1963 when President John F. Kennedy proclaimed May to be “Senior Citizens Month”, May has been the month in which communities across the nation acknowledge the important contributions older Americans have made and continue to make to our country.  In 1980 President Jimmy Carter changed the designation to “Older […]

Is it Time for a Guardian?

The Facts: My lifelong friend Mary recently suffered a massive stroke. She has lost the ability to speak, cannot walk and cannot handle her affairs due to the cognitive impairment caused by the stroke. Mary is currently living in a nursing home. A few years ago Mary had her attorney prepare a Will as well as […]

Is it Time for the Appointment of a Guardian?

The Facts: My aunt is widowed and living alone. Lately it has become clear that she cannot continue to live independently and cannot handle her finances. She is confused and does not appear to be eating well or bathing regularly. Unfortunately, there are no family members in a position to take care of my aunt. She […]

Grandparents Have Rights Too

The Question: Despite a strained relationship with my daughter-in-law Jane, I have cared for my grandson in my home three days a week since he was born 5 years ago. My son died tragically a few months ago. Jane made new arrangements for my grandson’s care and will no longer allow me to see him. What […]

Third Party Recipients of Insurance Notifications

In November, 2010, a new law took effect in New York which allows senior citizens 65 years of age or older, to designate a third-party to be notified by insurance carriers in advance of the cancellation or non-renewal of the senior’s health insurance or long term care insurance policy. Recognizing that many seniors can no […]