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How to Avoid a Lapsed Policy

The Facts: My father purchased long term care (“LTC”) insurance decades ago. Since he had been widowed at a relatively early age, he felt it was important that he have coverage in the event he ever needed skilled nursing care or in home care. Recently it has become obvious that my father’s ability to handle […]

Is Long-term Insurance the way to go?

The Facts: I am in my late fifties and am thinking about purchasing a long term care insurance policy. The Questions:  What are some of the factors I should consider before I purchase a policy? The Answer: Long term care insurance can be very confusing and may not be the best option for some people. […]

Long Term Care Insurance

Clients frequently ask me why they should invest in long term care insurance (“LTC insurance”). There are many reasons, not the least of which is that few people are anxious to deplete their savings, borrow against retirement accounts and  life insurance or sell off assets simply to cover their healthcare needs. LTC insurance offers a […]