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Estate Planning for Small Business Owners.

The Facts: I am the owner of a family operated business. My wife and my son John are employed by the business. My other son, Tony, has no interest in being involved with the business. When my wife and I die, I want John to inherit the business which is my largest asset. However, I […]

How to Start a Small Businesss in NY

Facts: A friend of mine recently started his own business and is now running into all sorts of trouble since he did not properly file documents with the state or local governments or obtain the proper approvals. Question: Is there some trick to opening a new business in New York? Answer: There are no tricks […]

A Healthcare Proxy is Not Enough

The Facts: I thought that the only legal document I would need in the event of a medical emergency was a healthcare proxy. However a friend told me that a power of attorney (“POA”) can play a critical role in a medical emergency. The Question: Is this true? The Answer: Absolutely! While the person you […]

A Winding Road From Biology

Linda Toga, the new president of the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association, has followed a twisting path. The New Jersey native attended college in Maine before earning a master’s degree in biology – with a concentration in electron microscopy – from Boston College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She was involved in early neurological […]