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A Healthcare Proxy is Not Enough

The Facts: I thought that the only legal document I would need in the event of a medical emergency was a healthcare proxy. However a friend told me that a power of attorney (“POA”) can play a critical role in a medical emergency. The Question: Is this true? The Answer: Absolutely! While the person you […]

Is it Time for a Guardian?

The Facts: My lifelong friend Mary recently suffered a massive stroke. She has lost the ability to speak, cannot walk and cannot handle her affairs due to the cognitive impairment caused by the stroke. Mary is currently living in a nursing home. A few years ago Mary had her attorney prepare a Will as well as […]

The Family Health Care Decisions Act

After a 17-year battle, New York State finally has a law that provides a procedure whereby individuals can be named as surrogates with the authority to make health care decisions for incapacitated patients who have not signed a health care proxy. Considering the fact that only about 20 percent of the adult population have health […]