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There are Always Strings Attached….

Thinking about putting your children’s name on the deed to your house? Think again. Although giving your children your house and reserving for yourself a life estate may seem like an excellent strategy to avoid probate, there are significant downsides. The most obvious is the loss of control. Once you put your children’s names on […]

Money Judgment May Impact on an Inheritance

The Facts: When I was unable to pay my medical bills, my doctor obtained a money judgment against me. The judgment was docketed in the county clerk’s office a few years ago. My father just passed away and I inherited his house. The Questions: Can the doctor’s judgment lien attach to the property I am inheriting even […]

Should I Put My Son’s Name on My Deed?

The Facts: Since my son is gong to inherit my house when I die, I was thinking about putting his name on the deed now as a joint tenant with right of survivorship so he would not have to probate my Will. The Questions: What are the pros and cons of doing this? The Answer: If your only […]